Jimmy Ferro

  Max Hoagland


Jimmy  uses Ibanez SR & Dean Hard Tail 5 string Basses as well as GK Amps/Cabinets and Dunlop Accessories. Endorsed by Dean Guitars

 Kevin Thomas

Rhythm Guitar 

Jamie uses Schecter  7 string Guitars as well  as EVH 5150 III heads, Dimarzio Pickups ,  Dunlop strings,  pedals &  is officially endorsed by Dirt Bag Clothing Co.  &  Steve Clayton Custom Picks Drinks PBR exclusively 


Kevin uses Shure Microphones, Nady Microphones, Dean Solteros as well as Krank Amps/Cabinets and Dunlop Accessories.


Ryan uses Ludwig and Bonzofoot Drums as well as "Neal's" Cymbals and Vic Firth Drum Sticks.

Mike Hurley - Guitar (2003-2010)

Milo - Drums (2003 - 2010)

Paul Clark - Vocals (2003-2004)

  Jamie McCollum

Former Members

  Ryan Calamusa

photo credits: Yaasin Hanif, Mike Ingram , Jon Viscott,

Joe Schaeffer

Lead Guitar

Max uses PRS 7 String, Fender Stratocaster, Dean EVO-7,  Axe-FX, Krank Cabinets and Dunlop Accessories.